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Are you wondering how to create income from your hard-earned investments? You've worked hard and now need to protect your nest egg while also enjoying some of the earnings. With an hourly fee-only model we can help you choose sensible investments and set you free to manage things on your own, or stay connected as your investment manager through an annual, ongoing fee if you prefer. Either way, we are a fiduciary firm dedicated to listening to your needs and recommending what's in your best interest.

Our Qualifications

Diana Chernofsky, CRPC, is dedicated to helping clients keep more of what they earn. She uses products that minimize a client's fees. If you're looking for transparent advice from a fiduciary financial planner, give us a call to discuss your needs. 

The CRPC designation from the College for Financial Planning means that Diana is trained to help clients with their retirement needs. Her Series 65 license from FINRA indicates that she is licensed to provide financial advice and management and is legally sworn to always behave in a fiduciary manner.

TEL. 360.608.8650

Disclosing Potential Conflicts of Interest

Diana Chernofsky is a fiduciary investment adviser representative and also an insurance broker in WA, OR, and CA for life, long term care, and annuities. She is always completely transparent in explaining that insurance companies compensate her by paying commissions to her directly; no fee is ever charged to a client for any type of insurance product. Because Diana is a fiduciary advisor who is dedicated and sworn to do what's best for her clients, she will never recommend an insurance product that is not suitable and will always explain how it fits into a client's needs.

State Insurance License Numbers:

WA 755339/OR 3234475/CA 0C81540


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Diana Chernofsky, CRPC, Investment Advisor

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Chernofsky Financial, LLC will never sell, rent, lease, or use your personal data in any way except to correspond with you by request. 

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